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Date: 29th August 2016
Black Masterbatch For PE And PP Products
BLACK MASTERBATCH for PE and PP ProductsOur black masterbatch PE 6:4 carbon black is a LLDPE based masterbatch containing high purity carbon black. It has high opacity,Website:http://www.pvc-stabiliser.com, high dispersion and high fluidity strength. This PE black masterbatch is designed for use in polyolefin film products.The black masterbatch PP 8:2 carbon black is an economy, based on PP containing high opacity carbon black. PP based black masterbatch is designed for used injection molding, sheets and pipes for general purpose.Specification:????????????Product namePE 6:4 CARBON BLACK PP 8:2 CARBON BLACKItems Specification CompatibilityPP, PEPPCarrierLLDPEPPCarbon black content (%)4020Ash content (%)1111Water contained (%)0.15 max0.15maxMigration resistance (Level)5-65-6Heat resistance (Level)5-65-6Temperature resistance (?)280280Melt temperature (?)125125MFI (g/10mins)[2.16kg/190?]2626Addition in film sample (%)55Addition (%)2-42-4GranulePelletPelletPackaging: Packed in 25kg bags. It should be stored in a dry place.